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Study after study suggest that getting kids coding is the best way to secure their future, but how do you engage a kid with reading difficulties in a world they can’t fully understand yet? Computer programmer Cris Thompson decided the way to get his young son involved is by taking on the coding tasks himself, while leaving the design, game planning and visuals up to his son.

We are live on Kickstarter.  Please check us out, and tell everyone you know!

You can make a little boys dream come true!


A platform game made by an 8 year old and his Dad.
Fight Goblins, Fire the Turtle Gun, Collect Map pieces, eat Hula Hoops.

Ethan thinks on his feet… As you will see in our video, he’s always coming up with really funny ideas; like the Sellotape Guy; he made this up while we were recording!

Me and my kids are always dreaming up fun stuff and hatching great ideas; we thought it was about time to do something but this time with DEADLINES!!! So we are making this game and fantastically, enough of you were interested enough to get us funded on Kickstarter!!!  Massive thank yous if you pledged.  If you missed out, head over to the Get The Game section and find out how to join us!

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Please share and share. Lets turn a little boy into a game developer!


How Long Ago?

Blimey…  2018 was my last post!!! This is quite a journey.  I started the Kickstarter with an 8yo with undiagnosed dislexia, and me with a shit job looking for a shake up.  The Kickstarter was amazing – lots of hard work (nearly killed me), but totally worthwhile.  We have 100ish people waiting for our game.  …


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