Ethan The Explorer: The Story

I used to make up stories about Ethan The Explorer for my kids.  But the story of the game comes direct from my 8 year old.  I guess it went in, settled a bit, got infected by Adventure Time and here it is!!

There is a dance no-one else except Ethan the Explorer can do. The Big Bad Guy (identity TBC) is totally jealous and steals the dance moves.

Each level of the game gives you a dance sheet to make up the Dance Clip Board.

After the last level, a giant Winged Bus rakes you the Dance Competition in a Village Hall, where you need to win the Dance Off with the Big Bad Guy. Once you win, a Giant Evil Eagle swoops down, grabs you, crashes through the ceiling and flies off into the Clouds.

The End. 
Until – Ethan the Explorer 2: Time Ticks Back!

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