Introducing Ethan The Explorer: The Game

We are making a game… It’s our first.

Dad: “I have been working with computers all my life, but it’s quite boring.”

Kid: “…and then there will be a Pencil Sword, and you need to defeat the Enormous,  EVIL, PENCIL boss.”

Me and my kids are always dreaming up fun stuff and hatching great ideas; we thought it was about time to do something but this time with DEADLINES!!!  So we are making a Kickstarter Project to make sure we actually have a reason to finish something!

So as a Dad with a job, I spend a lot of time commuting and day-dreaming.  As an 8 year old, Ethan is full of brilliant, random ideas so, bish-bash-bosh, lets make something together.

Welcome to the World of Ethan the Explorer. I used to make up stories of Ethan the Explorer and his cousin Clever Chloe the Scientist – Chloe invented a time machine, so there were pirates, dinosaurs, evil clones!  All of these and more will appear in Ethan the Explorer: The Game  

The game will have 6-8 levels, each with it’s own unique designs and characters – it should play for a couple of hours.  If we just do it for ourselves, we will soon forget about it and move onto something else, that’s why we are promising it to Kickstarter backers; then we have to keep on working on it and coming up with amazing ideas.

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