How Long Ago?

Blimey…  2018 was my last post!!!

This is quite a journey.  I started the Kickstarter with an 8yo with undiagnosed dislexia, and me with a shit job looking for a shake up.  The Kickstarter was amazing – lots of hard work (nearly killed me), but totally worthwhile.  We have 100ish people waiting for our game.  All brilliant.

I am a software developer, I had been in an ill fitting job for what felt like a lifetime and decided the only way out was to build a game to cut my chops and then show how clever I was to the games industry.  That’s where it started, Ethan got involved and he loved the focus.  He draws and talks, I translate that into game mechanics and code.  Great partnership, off to a great start.

But I forgot that I had applied for a job – it had a long application window, so I forgot all about it.  Then obvs. I had an interview and liked what I saw, and fantastically, so did they.  Offered me and I grabbed at it.

Problem is, when you are in a shit job, just doing your hours, there is lots of spare space in your brain to dream up other things…  Now I have a brilliant job that challenges me every day, my poor brain is stuffed with new coding languages, new opportunities and new (work) ideas and I’m very happy to let it take over.

Over the years I have suffered with depression, now on the other side, I have come to recognise the symptoms. That feeling in the pit of your shomache, sometimes hunger, sometimes heartache, sometimes stress…  It’s really important to me that Ethan The Explorer does not become a source of stress…  Its great fun, designing and building, but I feel the pressure that I haven’t finished it, that I haven’t updated my backers…

Hence this post…  I have had the last week all to myself, the kids are with their mum, and the plan was that I would spend the week on the game.  Turns out though, when you have an absorbing job, holidays are for re-charging, so I have spent most of this week not working on the game, but actually relaxing (quite new to me).  As time passed, I could feel the pressure building; letting people down, not getting on with with the game.

Yesterday and today I finally got back to the game, and made some progress.  But in reality, there is little extra to stow for it.  Game development takes up MUCH MORE time than I initially thought it would.

There are 100 ways to do the same thing and when you are just dealing with numbers, it’s the final figure that matters, not how you get there.  When you are flinging a zombie body across the room to build a stack so you can escape (spoilers!!) it’s the detail that matters.

So, this weeks progress has all been about making the broadcast message system more robust and getting the zombies to die and be thrown correctly…  (Yay!) But they have stopped attacking the player!!  (boo)

Progress is slow, but it’s in the right direction.  If you are waiting for the game, sorry for the long delay;  I’m going to try to make progress every couple of weeks, and keep you posted. and once the second level is finished I’ll release it to the beta testers.

Thanks for your encouragement and patience!



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  1. Comment from Kickstarter Backer…

    Congrats and good fortune with your job! Do NOT stress over this project, I think I can speak for most of us by saying we backed this because we love the concept of a father & son collaborating on a creative work, and if that joy of discovery and problem solving is overshadowed by self-imposed stress to deliver some kind of final result to us, it spoils the beauty of it all. Take your time, ENJOY the journey.

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