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March 22nd 2018: Kickstarter Launch for new game development team: an 8 year old and his Dad.

Dynamic team of London based Ethan and his Dad, Cris have are designing their first game, and have taken to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to try and fund it.

Walthamstow, London, UK. 24th March 2018.

Study after study suggest that getting kids coding is the best way to secure their future, but how do you engage a kid with reading difficulties in a world they can’t fully understand yet? Computer programmer Cris Thompson decided the way to get his young son involved is by taking on the coding tasks himself, while leaving the design, game planning and visuals up to his son.

Dad: “We are making a game… It’s our first.

Me and my kids are always dreaming up fun stuff and hatching great ideas; we thought it was about time to do something but this time with deadlines!!!  So we are making a Kickstarter Project to make sure we actually have a reason to finish something!

As a Dad with a job, I spend a lot of time commuting and day-dreaming.  As an 8 year old, Ethan is full of brilliant, random ideas so, we decided to make something together.”

Ethan: “…and then there will be a Pencil Sword, and you need to defeat the Enormous,  EVIL, PENCIL boss.”

Dad Cris used to make up stories about Ethan the Explorer for his boys and this game will bring them to life.  There will be time travel, pirates, dinosaurs, evil clones and at the same time they will create something together that will instil a sense hard work, seeing an idea through to a finished product.

Kickstarter crowdfunding allows creatives to raise funds for a project while retaining creative control, so it’s a perfect fit for this idea.  “Kickstarter is perfect for us because it will let us create something to a professional level, while allowing Ethan to be in charge”

The game will have 6-8 fully playable and individual levels, each with concepts, images and sounds provided by Ethan. The Kickstarter project has a great animated video of Ethan and his Dad talking about the game, “Please share and share this video. Lets see if we can turn a little boy into a game developer!”